First 10 people to submit all correct answers wins a Hoga Vessel (choose thermal porcelain cup or BPA-free water bottle). We will send the prize to your address for your convenience.

Write your answers down in the message section of the Contact Form below (eg 1a, 2c etc) together with your address so that we can send you your prize.


1. Certain intelligent observation cameras have varifocal lens. What does varifocal lens mean?

  • a. Lens with variable focal length in which focus changes as focal length changes
  • b. The camera can only focus on one spot
  • c. The lens do not work during thunder showers

2. In heat detection technology hot spots in our body show up in what colour?

  • a. Purple
  • b. Red
  • c. Green

3. All objects and living organisms with temperature greater than zero emit what?

  • a. Thermal radiation
  • b. Nitrogen
  • c. Sweat

4. In science hotter objects are BLUER, cooler objects are REDDER.

  • a. True
  • b. False

5. Which of these things use Artificial Intelligence? There may be more than one answer.

  • a. Hoga Iyota Facial Recognition camera
  • b. Google maps
  • c. Thermal underwear

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