HOGA IYOTA has the expertise to advise you and help you in setting up a unified, cutting edge system for all your security and people management needs. Every one has unique needs so tailor-make a system best suited for you.


Entry and Premises Access

With AI technology, face ID, tracking and monitoring personnel advances your security options

Visitor Management Systems

Whether you are commercial, retail, banking, education institution, residential apartment building, retail or government office – your visitors are important, and a unified security system is key in monitoring personnel who enter your premises.

AI security monitoring and ID recognition

Surveillance means more than observation.

Data storage for
application-specific solutions
Our superior data security storage options enable safe, flexible and high-density storage of data from video to photo IDs to log times to reports. Direct streaming, IPSAN, FCSAN, and other models give you complete control and peace of mind.

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