Losing keys is stressful. Not knowing who has their hands on them is even more stressful.

Conventional keys are not traceable nor are they manageable. They put security zones at risk. With “Intelligent Keys” and a proper Key Management System in place security access will not be compromised any longer.

How Intelligent Keys work – Attached to a tamper proof security seal that has a unique ID via an electronic chip, the Intelligent Keys are effectively tagged electronically. These keys are then kept in its specialised secure cabinet that can only be accessed by authorised personnel. In this way the Intelligent Keys are available 24/7 but to authorised staff only – so there is no problem as to who holds what key or when personnel are on holiday overseas. When the key does get misplaced it is traceable and will not work in the hands of unauthorised personnel.

Applications – Intelligent Keys and Key Management Systems are indisensable in buildings with security zones such as schools, government offices, financial institutions, laboratories, medical facilities, hotels and more.

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