Client: Gericke Pte Ltd
434 Tagore Industrial Avenue
Singapore 787813

Tel: 64528133 Fax: 64520392
Contact Person: Mr Ellson Seet, Hp: 97388984

Project: 4 Storey Terrace Factory At 434 Tagore
Industrial Avenue PO No. 1534 / Job No. IPH-11001 (Property Under Construction)

Date Of Purchase Order: 08 February 2012

Main Builder: RCB Building Contractor Pte Ltd
Contact Person: Mr Norman Tan, Hp: 91189305

M & E Contractor: K & L Electrical Engr. Pte Ltd
Contact Person: Mr Justin Koh, Hp: 81818584


Hoga was involved in the installation by the mid-May, however due to the fact that the building was still under construction it was not possible for us to start with the project. As a result the installation was started only when the cabling were all done by the M & E Contractor. From this time to the date of installation, we have shown Gericke the Security Equipment’s that we were going to install at the premises. On top of this Gericke had not obtained the TOP from BCA which further delayed our installation process, we were only allowed to start work upon Gericke obtaining the TOP, which was almost dragged to the end of May 2012.



A Safety briefing was conducted by our Operation Manager, Mr Mark before the installation works kicked started. By the 4th Week of May we started the installation of the Door Access System for the 1st, 3rd and 4th floors. It took our team about 3 days to complete this installation. The testing and commissioning of the card access system were done on the 2nd week of July and the system was handed over to Gericke. The access control for the lift with a reader was also installed. This lift reader controls the access to the 4th floor’s main office. Proper coordination was arranged with the lift supplier before the installation and the process was carried out smoothly. One of the reader is allocated for time attendances. A user training was conducted in mid of August by our Engineers for Guericke’s key personnel to familiarise and to ensure the smooth running of the access control system.


We did encounter some problems along the way while installing the Door Access System; such as the door alignment was not correct as the contact point was not intact but all this and other problems were eventually resolved by your installation team



1st Week of June the CCTV cameras were installed however the testing and commissioning were only done in the 2nd week of July as the server room, where the DVR was to be placed, was not ready. Long ladders were required for the CCTV’s installation as two cameras were above five meters in height. Our installers and the supervisor had to ensure safety that was not to be compromised. By the end of the 1st week of August the CCTV cameras were functioning accordingly. A user training was conducted in the 2nd week of August for Gericke’s key personnel by our Engineer, Angelo.


There were no problems while installing the CCTV and programing, except the fact that the server was not up yet and hence the programming and viewing were done in the 4th week of August.



2nd Week of June the Alarm systems were installed by our Installation team at various doors and the zoning were done by our Engineer Angelo. We encountered a slight delay as Gericke was not sure of the Zoning structure and there were some changes to the Zones. But eventually, the Zoning were finalized and the system was armed and ready.


There were no problems with the alarm systems and all the installations were carried out smoothly.



The PABX was installed at the end of September as the SingTel lines were only activated on the 1st week of October. All the phones are distributed to their respective work stations and checked for the lines and extensions to be in order. By the 2nd week of October the phone system was running well.


There were no problems with the phone system and all the installations were carried out smoothly.


A User Training was conducted for Gericke’s key personnel by our Engineers, Angelo and Sherwin on Door Access, CCTV System, Alarm and Phones.  As all went well, this project came to an end.

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